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Eye Surgery Co-Management

Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates Offers Eye Surgery Co-Management

If you wear corrective lenses and is considering vision correction surgery, then schedule an appointment with our optometry care, Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates in Belleville, Trenton, and Brighton, as we offer eye surgery co-management at our three locations. Eye surgery co-management means that our optometrists (non-operating practitioner) work with an ophthalmologist and have a share responsibility to making sure once you are done with any type of eye surgery, you get the necessary pre- and post-surgery care that you need.

What Is Vision Correction Surgery?

Any type of vision correction in to order provide clearer vision, requires shaping the cornea of the eyes. A normal eye with good vision has a round shape. Refractive errors in vision occur when the cornea has a more oblong shape. Vision correction surgery changes the shape of the cornea so that images are reflected onto the retina more accurately.

Are You A Good Candidate For Vision Correction Surgery?

Individuals undergoing vision correction surgery must be at least 18 years of age and must have vision that has stabilized for a period of time. You must be free of eye infections or corneal diseases that would affect your surgery. You should be in good general health. You should not be pregnant or nursing, which involves hormonal changes that can affect your eyes. You should have corneas of an acceptable thickness and vision within a certain range. Our eye doctors can provide a comprehensive examination of your eyes, to ensure that there is no existing infection or abnormality that would affect the outcome of your surgery.

Surgery Care

After your procedure, your ophthalmologist will provide instructions on caring for eyes, limiting activities, and recommend follow-up visits. With eye surgery co-management, our eye doctors can monitor your healing at intervals, to ensure that you are achieving optimum results from the surgery. Some individuals may experience after the surgery blurry vision or halos around objects for a period after their procedure. Others may experience dry eye symptoms. Our optometrists can discuss with you more in depth about pre- and post-eye surgery care during your appointments. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and getting the necessary care for your eyes.

Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates Your Optometrists for Eye Surgery Co-Management

The optometrists at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates combine their years of training and experience to provide quality eye care for their patients in Belleville, Brighton, and Trenton, ON. We have many vision care services, including examinations, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, dry eye treatment, and management of eye diseases. Call Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates today at 613-968-6550 in Belleville, 613-392-6211 in Trenton or 613-475-3900 in Brighton for an appointment to learn how we can help you both before and after your eye surgery.