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Laser Vision Assessment


LASIK Vision Correction is an exciting new option that is available to you as one method of correcting vision problems, but it is not for everyone. laser vision correction is a complex process that requires several clinical visits, in-depth discussions and explanations, and careful guidance.

Our staff upgrades their training annually and this allows us to assess the needs of our patients and help them make a well informed decision when it comes to laser surgery. Dr. Bruce Coward and Associates manage and deliver your care throughout this process.

Laser treatment works by reshaping the eye’s cornea. Its main uses are for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Laser surgery comes in two distinct technologies; LASIK, or laser in “situkeratomieusis,” and PRK, short for “photo refractive keratectomy.”

LASIK, which usually allows a more rapid healing process, although both systems are described as painless.

The discomfort time for healing normally lasts only a few hours with the LASIK, but the PRK treatment may take several days to heal completely.

Even with laser correction, patients who can throw away their glasses may find in senior years that they need glasses again.

Also, in some cases, a second laser treatment may be required.

The decision to have laser surgery is one of the biggest, most rewarding ones you can make in your lifetime. We encourage people considering laser vision correction to book a no obligation consultation which includes an examination and assessment.