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Our Locations at Bruce Coward & Associates

Bruce Coward & Associates is your trusted optometry team. We’re here to help you ensure your vision is always protected. We have three locations to serve your needs including in Belleville, Trenton, and Brighton. Each one of our locations will provide you with exceptional service and one-on-one care.


Get to Know Your Optometry Office

Our practice began in 1950 when Dr. Leonard Coward opened the first location. Over the years, it’s become a multi-branch practice providing the highest level of care and attention to patients from all generations. Dr. Leonard Coward’s son, Dr. Bruce Coward, now is the principal owner of the practice. He, along with the entire team running our optometry practice, provide the care for all ages ranging, from children to seniors, with all types of vision needs.

When you visit any of our locations, you’ll have access to the most advanced level of care. Each one of our locations features modern, updated equipment and furnishings to ensure you have access to top care. Our Trenton location even offers an onsite lab, providing for the very fast production of superb eyeglasses to meet our patients’ needs. This on-site laboratory ensures we can meet your needs for eyeglasses and lenses better.

Your Eye Doctor Offers the Optical Care You Need

When you visit your eye doctor at any one of our locations, you’ll be given a comprehensive eye exam and evaluation. Our optometry team offers a wide range of services including the following.

Eye Examinations

We recommend annual eye examinations for our patients. This ensures we can prevent and diagnose any concern with your eye health or vision as soon as possible, often protecting your vision longer.

Contact Lenses

If you’re interested in using contact lenses, we recommend a contact lens exam. A more detailed exam, this procedure allows us to gather information about the size and shape of your eye so we can recommend the right contact lenses for you. We offer many brands including hard-to-fit contacts.

OCT 3D (Ocular Computerized Tomography) Assessment

One of the more advanced types of vision and eye health screening, our OCT laser vision assessment provides your eye doctor with incredible information. We can then use painless, non-invasive scan to see the layers of your retina to help ensure you get the very best level of Eye Health Care.

Eye Glass Frames and Lenses

We offer a large selection of the eyeglass frames and lenses you need. Find name brand products that fit your look. Expect to receive the latest in lenses to ensure comprehensive vision quality.

Ocular Conditions Treated

Protecting your eye health is essential. If you notice any type of change to your vision, contact our team immediately. We offer treatment for most ocular conditions including:

  • Dry eyes
  • Glaucoma
  • Pink eye
  • Astigmatism
  • Macular degeneration
  • Eye floaters and more

We recommend ongoing care for your vision, especially if you have diabetes or have been diagnosed with any type of eye condition previously. Don’t put off caring for your eyes and your vision.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Optometrist in Belleville, Trenton, or Brighton Now

We’re here for you at Bruce Coward & Associates. Call our team today to get an appointment with an optometrist you can trust to provide you with exceptional service and care. To schedule an appointment in Belleville, call 613-968-6560. For an appointment in Trenton, call 613-392-6211. And for an appointment in Brighton, call our team at 613-475-3900.