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On-Site Lab

The Onsite Lab

Our onsite lab at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates provides our eye doctor with the tools to diagnose with more accuracy and offer better treatment for our customers across Brighton, Trenton, and Belleville. With our top-notch optometry technology and equipment, we perform a variety of services. Our onsite lab includes many optometry diagnostic tools, such as:

  • Phoropter for testing eye focus
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope for checking vitreous humour in the retina
  • Tonometer for detecting eye intraocular pressure
  • Slit lamp biomicroscope for eye magnification
  • Autorefractor for light process testing
  • Visual field analyzers like Humphtrey’s FDT
  • Digital retinal camera for photographing parts of the eye

Customizable Variable Corridors

Each of our customers has unique needs when it comes to their lenses. That’s why we use customizable variable corridor technology to ensure each customer's lenses are a perfect fit. This state-of-the art lens technology produces lenses that are specially made for your face shape and vision needs.

Typically, you have either a short or a standard corridor length with your eyewear. These incorrect lengths can affect viewing zones when wearing glasses. You’ll also experience limited reading areas.

You may not realize this until you wear glasses designed with customizable variable corridors. These increase your field of view, sometimes by as much as 40 or 50 percent. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you try on your new pair of glasses.

Quality and Personalized Services

Our other personalized services also make us a top pick for customers in the area. We’ll fit you for glasses and contact lenses that are comfortable for you. At Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, we make it easier than ever to get the frames or contacts you want with our online eyewear order form.

Simply fill in your full name, email address, phone number, reference number (that we’ll provide), when your last appointment was, and which of our locations you’d prefer to visit. One of our staff members will get in touch with you as soon as they can to discuss more about finding the perfect eyewear for you.

Advanced Anti-Reflective Coatings

For most people, when the sun gets in their eyes, they can put on a pair of sunglasses. If you wear glasses, it’s more complicated to shield your eyes from the sun. Anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings are the solution.

We’re proud to offer advanced anti-reflective coatings at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates. There are plenty of reasons to consider such coatings, which we’ll now explain:

  • Lessens the noticeable quality of lenses; you can barely see lenses since less light reflects off them.
  • Provides better night vision, which makes driving and other forms of traveling safer at night.
  • Better visual acuity due to fewer reflections through your lenses.

At our lab, we can use vacuum deposition technology to make your glasses reflection-free.

Digital HD lenses

We also offer digital HD lenses to our customers. These not only treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness, but high-order aberrations as well. What are these aberrations?

You may have double vision, starburst patterns, blurred vision, halos, glare, and night vision if you have high-order aberrations. They may be called trefoils and spherical aberrations. With our digital HD lenses, you’ll enjoy the best vision you’ve ever had.

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