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Clinical Services at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, Your Belleville Optometrist

Eye ExamWe seek to offer you comprehensive eye care no matter your vision needs at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, your Belleville optometrist. Not only do we have eye exams and fittings for glasses and contacts, but we even diagnose and treat ocular conditions. With our onsite lab, we can offer our optometry services even faster. Whether you need test results or even new frames or HD lenses, we can get them to you that much sooner. Our speed is one of our biggest advantages. Most patients who have gone to other eye doctor offices know they have to wait a week or more for test results or new glasses and contacts. That’s because these other offices send their materials to an offsite lab. Not only we will save you time with our onsite lab, but our optometry clinic has many other high-tech tools and equipment for better eye care. We will now explain these.

Phoropter: A common piece of optical equipment, a phoropter diagnoses vision focus. Your optometrist will switch from two or more settings to let you pick which one is clearer to you. You may be tested one eye at a time or both eyes at once.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope: Your eye doctor can see the vitreous humor of the retina with a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. You place this on your head for best results. If you’re at risk of a retinal detachment, retina tear, or any other condition affecting the retina, this test will detect early damage.

Tonometer: Your eyes have what’s called intraocular pressure. This pressure shouldn’t be too low or too high. You may be at risk of developing glaucoma if this pressure is higher.

Slit Lamp Biomicroscope: A slit lamp biomicroscope is a test for diagnosing problems with the eye’s iris, lens, or cornea. Think of this device like a giant microscope (hence the name) that can zoom in up to 40 times bigger than your eye size.

Autorefractor: Refractive error refers to light processing issues in the eye. An autorefractor tests for this and can detect astigmatism.

Humphtrey’s FDT: Vision loss is often permanent, which is why it’s a good idea to get regular eye exams. If vision loss has occurred, Humphtrey’s FDT will let the eye doctor know. This device is used for diagnosing optic neuritis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and more.

Digital Retinal Camera: By taking a photo of the whole eye, your eye doctor can compare the state of your eyes now compared to years ago. This allows them to determine the health of the macula, optic nerve head, and retina.

About Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, Your Optical Eye Doctor in Belleville

No matter the vision care you need, call on us at Dr. Bruce Coward and Associates, your optical eye doctor in Belleville. We also proudly serve those in Trenton and Brighton as well. We’re led by CEO and optometrist Dr. Bruce Coward as well as his team of optometrists Dr. Basel Wahib, Dr. Sanyukta Awale, Dr. Jim Tzeng, and Dr. Nathalie Renaud.

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