Are you concerned that your child may not be seeing clearly? They may have myopia, or “nearsightedness.”

Myopia is common and can begin developing at an early age. If diagnosed early on, our optometrists can help control its progression, reducing your child’s dependence on prescription lenses later in life and their risks for developing serious eye conditions.



If you have myopia, you may have difficulty seeing objects the further away they are. When you have myopia, the shape of your eye is longer than it should be, or your cornea has too much curvature. This causes light entering the eye to not focus properly on your retina.

Myopia is the most common cause of correctable visual impairment and the largest reason for preventable blindness in the world. Nearly 30% of Canadians have myopia, which typically begins in childhood and can progress until a person reaches 20 years old.


Regular eye exams will help your optometrist determine if you or your child has myopia. If diagnosed early enough, myopia progression can be controlled.

Find out more about how to control your child’s myopia by speaking with our team.

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