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Urgent update on Ontario eyecare services

For years, our office has been committed to providing our patients with the highest level of eye care. In recent months, this commitment has never been more important, as we fight to improve the sustainability of eye care in Ontario. Beginning September 1, Ontario Optometrists will not be examining OHIP covered patients. This includes patients…


The importance of eye exams for diabetics

Did you know that approximately one in 16 Canadians have diabetes? A condition that causes elevated levels of glucose in your blood, diabetes can affect your eye health. In this post, we’ll cover how to control diabetes and the importance of regular eye exams to check the overall health of your eyes. What is Diabetes?…


Flashes and floaters – what do I do?

You may have noticed what seem like squiggly lines in your eyes and wondered what causes them? The answer is, they are eye floaters. Though harmless, they can cause visual distraction and discomfort. What Causes Eye Floaters? Eye floaters may appear as specks or cobwebs that move in and out of your eye with your…


Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts This Summer

Cataracts are one of the most commonly reported eye health issues among adults, with the risk for developing them increasing significantly after the age of 40. What Are Cataracts? Cataracts are the result of a clouding of the lens. This affects a patient’s ability to see, causing blurred vision and their eye to appear opaque…

Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact lenses are a simple and easy way to correct your vision, but just like glasses, they require cleaning and care to avoid the risk of infection or damage to your eyes. At Dr. Bruce Coward and Associates, we make sure that you are completely happy and comfortable with your contact lenses before you start…

Computer Use And Dry Eyes

Working From Home: Computer Use and Dry Eyes

The pandemic has changed our lives in countless ways, most notably how we work. In recent months, more people have begun working from home, resulting in an increased amount of time behind a computer screen. Working on projects, zoom meetings, and even watching cat videos can all have an impact on our eye health! Spending…

How Can Online Learning Affect Your Child’s Eyes

How Can Online Learning Affect Your Child’s Eyes?

Over the past year, online learning has become the new normal for kids and their families. With Covid restrictions in place, children are spending more time on digital devices to watch lessons and complete homework. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect their vision. If your kids have been spending a lot of time doing online learning…

Wearing a Face Mask with Glasses

Our Tips for Wearing a Face Mask with Glasses

Wearing a face mask is something we’re all getting used to. However, wearing a face mask with glasses can still be frustrating! Foggy lenses can also mean not being able to see clearly, which can be dangerous too, especially when you’re walking or driving, and you can’t risk taking your mask off and exposing yourself…

Eye Exam

What Is an OCT Eye Scan and How Can It Help Me?

When you come in to see us for an eye exam, we do much more than just check your vision. We also check your retinal health and one of the ways we do that is with an OCT eye scan. This scan is the best way for our optometrist to get a full view of…

New Picton Branch

Introducing Our New Office in Picton!

We have great news to announce – we’ve added a new practice to the Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates family! Located in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Dr. Rob Locke’s practice has been operating for over 30 years. Current patients will continue to be under the care of Dr. Locke, who now has even more…

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