AR coating for glasses – how could it benefit you?

The AR coating – also known as an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating – was first developed for camera lenses but has been widely used on glasses lenses for decades as well. Before we take a look at what you stand to gain from wearing anti-reflective glasses, we’re going to explain just how the science behind this coating works.

What is an anti-reflective coating and how does it work?

AR coatings do exactly what its name suggests — it reduces the amount of light that reflects off your lenses. Without an AR coating, most lenses reflect about 8% of the light that hits them, allowing 92% to pass through and into your eyes. However, once you add the AR coating, it greatly reduces how much light reflects off of them, allowing 99.5% of light to pass through your lenses. 

But why should you bother investing in glasses with AR-coated lenses? What does this mean for your daily visual experience? Our Optometrists have put together a list of all the benefits for your vision and your appearance below.

What are the benefits of anti-reflective glasses?

The first thing you may notice when wearing glasses that have AR coated lenses is how you look. With very little light reflecting off your lenses, your eyes will be completely visible to anybody looking at you. You’ll also be doing your frames justice, allowing them to accentuate and complement your eyes and facial features. You’ll most definitely see the difference when someone snaps a photo of you and there isn’t a reflection getting in the way of your face!

On the technical side of things, your lenses will also have increased durability, as AR coatings are more scratch resistant than lenses without any coatings, and usually repel water as well.

You’ll notice that your visual experience improves too. Without distracting reflections, you’ll enjoy better clarity of vision, whether you’re watching TV, looking at your computer screen or carrying out critical tasks, such as night driving.

Anti-glare glasses for night driving

Driving at night means dealing with the bright glare of street lights and vehicle headlights. This doesn’t just put a strain on your eyes, it makes it harder to notice details, which can increase your risk of having an accident. Anti-glare glasses for night driving will make the world of difference here, making driving safer for you and others on the road.

See clearly with AR-coated lenses

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