Back To School Glasses in Brighton

Back To School Glasses At Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates

It’s time to go back to school. Shopping for school clothes is the highlight of the year for some. In your rush to find the perfect outfit, don’t forget to search for the perfect glasses too. The place to be, if you are looking for the coolest frames around, is Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates. When any old glasses just won’t do, Dr. Coward’s team can help you find the ideal glasses that fit your style perfectly. Not only will your glasses compliment your style, but they will also allow you to see this beautiful world more clearly. Fashion is wonderful, but taking care of your vision is much more important. It’s very difficult to keep up in school with inadequate vision.

What to Expect When Getting New Glasses at Dr. Coward & Associates

First, the Doctor will examine your eyes. He will use various pieces of equipment, but don’t be scared. It’s all painless. He will be examining your eyes to determine your prescription, to ascertain if there is any problem inside of the eyeball, measure your eyes, and checking eye muscle function and eye alignment. Once this is complete, you will get to the fun part: picking out your eyewear.

Dr. Coward Has Three Eyewear Boutiques To Serve You

Dr. Coward & Associates have three locations to serve you: Trenton, Brighton, and Belleville Our boutiques contain extensive collections of frames to fit any style. Our experienced staff is there to help you choose the perfect school glasses for you. Some of the eyewear lines we carry are:

  • Michael Kors
  • Rayban
  • Oakley
  • Coach
  • Versace

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And many, many others. We have the perfect frames to fit you. Back-to-School is our busiest time of the year, so call us with any questions, or schedule an exam now so you can get in before school starts. If you are prepared to find glasses to top off your style, come to see us at Dr. Coward and Associates. Proudly serving Brighton, Trenton, Belleville, and surrounding locations.