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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for Belleville, Brighton, and Trenton, ON

Contact lenses have become a part of everyday life for countless individuals who prefer them over traditional eyeglasses for their vision correction needs. But these tiny lenses are still precision devices that call for expert selection and fitting. That's why you'll want to get your contacts here at Dr. Bruce Coward and Associates, providers of top-quality contact lenses for Belleville, Brighton, and Trenton, ON.

Woman with new contact lenses.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism just as effective as eyeglasses can -- and they hold some distinct advantages over the older technology as well. For one thing, contacts can be worn in risky activities such as contact sports without any worries about breakage. Contacts can also correct your vision discreetly if you'd rather not advertise the fact that you need corrective lenses. Or you may simply not like how you look in glasses, in which contacts make a great alternative.

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Contact lenses must be fitted with absolute precision since they rest directly on the eyes. The first step in a successful fitting is a detailed contact lens exam from our optometrist. In this exam, detailed measurements are taken of your corneal contours, pupil size, and iris size. Our eye doctor will also evaluate your ocular health and vision prescription to determine whether you might need specialized lenses instead of standard soft contacts.

Dry eye sufferers, for instance, may need lenses designed to retain more moisture, while patients with keratoconus (which causes abnormal corneal bulging) may not be able to wear soft lenses that simply conform to their corneal contours. Last but not least, our optometrist will ask you how often or long you intend to wear your contacts, another factor in selecting the right product.

Our eye doctor can fit you contacts to accommodate any vision need, even those "hard to fit" cases. In addition to affordable and comfortable soft contacts, we can also provide rigid gas permeable lenses that can correct even very strong prescriptions. Scleral lenses maintain their own curve across the entire cornea, making them a great choice for keratoconus. Toric contacts offer more consistent vision correction than soft contacts for astigmatism patients. If you have presbyopia, our multifocal contacts can keep you seeing clearly at all distances.

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If you want to make sure you get the most effective, comfortable and properly-fitted contact lenses possible, look no further than the offices of Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates. Call any of our optometry offices to learn more about our contact lenses and schedule an exam!