Fashion Eyewear

Designer Glasses Offer Creative Choices

Eyewear is one of those highly personal accessories that need to be both flattering and functional. Both eyeglasses and sunglasses make a big fashion impact, and the optometry staff at Dr. Bruce D. Coward and Associates work hard to curate their designer eyeglass selection to do just that. Most people own one or two pairs of prescription eyeglasses at most, and that makes it difficult to have a different pair for every outfit. Selecting a good quality pair of glasses that is flattering and fits well can add a stylish pop to almost any look.

Eyewear Should Not Wear You

It’s natural to be excited by the latest couture the designers have presented this season. But care should be taken in the selection of frames. Fashion mavens will tell you, everything must fit properly and be flattering to be a good fashion selection. Four concepts are important for eyewear specifically: proportion, contrast, color, and face shape. Eyeglasses should be in proportion to the rest of your face. Sunglasses can be a little bigger as coverage from the sun is part of the point. Contrast refers to the shape of the glasses. Eyewear shape is more flattering to a face if it contrasts the face shape. For instance, people with a round face benefit from angular shaped glasses. Eyewear color should be complementary to the face. Black highlights the eyes, and colors that contrast skin and hair make for a bolder statement, but other color selections depend on how bold a fashion statement one desires.

Face Shape and Eyewear Trends Determine Fashion Fit

Heart shaped faces, those with a broader forehead and narrower jawline, benefit from rimless styles and the bottom-flare of aviator styles. Narrower oval and rounded-rectangle shaped glasses soften the jaw of a square face. Taller glasses take up more of the face and flatter people with narrow faces. Decorative temple designs draw attention the sides of the face, making it appear broader. Angular or rectangular frames flatter a round face. A contrasting bridge color makes the eyes appear farther apart.

RayBan offers classic styles. Guess is trendy. Coach, Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace and Vogue offer the best of the catwalk. Vintage styles are ever popular. Eyeglass design offers a surprising array to choose from for both men and women. The staff at Dr. Bruce D. Coward and Associates are happy to help in the selection of flattering frames to help each patient get the most stylish look out of their eyewear dollar. Bring in a photo of the style that appeals most, or come to one of our three locations in Brighton, Trenton, or Belleville to browse our selection of fashion eyewear.

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