How Can Transitions Glasses transform your summer?

Transition lenses in Canada have built a reputation of providing stylish protection from the sun in both dark and clear environments. This means you can easily move from outdoors to indoors without having to change your glasses to sunglasses. They also reduce the adjustment period for the eyes that often accompanies changing lighting settings.

How Do Transitions Glasses Work?

Transition lenses respond to light using advanced activated molecules inside the lens. As lighting conditions change, the lenses are prompted to automatically darken. UV rays are everywhere, even on a cloudy day, and these molecules respond to subtle changes in light, so you get a comfortable and safe vision experience no matter what the lighting conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses are among the most popular photochromic glasses in the world. Let’s take a look at their amazing benefits to understand why.

Sun Protection

Transition lenses offer advanced UV protection for your eyes. They also offer the added benefit of blue light protection making them the perfect choice to wear while in front of a computer screen. This ensures you have light protection both inside and outside whenever you are wearing Transition lenses.

One Pair Solution

Transition lenses are also perfect for anyone who frequently moves between indoor and outdoor settings or might be prone to forgetting their sunglasses at home. Transitions are a one-pair solution to both visual and sun protection for within seconds when indoors.


For patients who are looking for an affordable solution to vision correction, Transitions are a great choice. By eliminating the need for two pairs of glasses, you are reducing your overall vision care costs. The cost of Transition lenses may also included in vision insurance plans so you don’t have to worry about added expense.

Easily Available

As your trusted optometrists, we understand how important it is to have comfortable and precise vision correction. That’s why we offer Transition lenses as our premier option for sun protection.

Suitable For Driving

Whle photochromic technology previously didn’t activate when behind the wheel, with the latest Transitions lenses, you can also use them while driving for even more convenience and less eye strain.

Transition Lenses In Canada

Transition lenses are the ideal option for Canadians who love the outdoors as they have anti glare technology too, allowing you to enjoy time on the water, on the golf course in comfort and with clarity of vision.

Most Popular Colour Options

You are probably familiar with the grey, brown, and green Transition lens options, but did you know there are lots of other exciting colours and lens types to choose from? Some of the most popular new additions to the Transition lens collection include emerald, sapphire, amethyst and brown. Wearers can up their fashion game by choosing one of the stylish mirrored lens options now available too, from pink, red, blue, green, gold and silver to name a few.

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