Real terror with colored contact lenses for Halloween

Are you hoping to give everyone a good scare with your Halloween costume? Make sure you don’t give yourself a scare too when it comes to your eye health. Whether you’re opting for cat eyes, whiteouts or bloody red ones, colored contacts might give your outfit that extra ghoulish effect but they could also give you an eye infection, ulcers and other eye conditions that could threaten your vision. 

If you’re dead set on costume contact lenses this Halloween, then it’s important you do so safely, which is what we are here to help with. 

A word from the experts

When it comes to the official take on colored contact lenses for Halloween, the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO), the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) all agree that cheap and/or improperly used decorative contact lenses can result in vision loss, which in extreme cases can be permanent. 

The downside of costume contact lenses

Costume contacts are available over-the-counter, such as at market stalls and from countless online sources. However, these contacts are often not safe for use and are sold as a one-size-fits-all product. These poor quality lenses combined with a lack of guidance on correct usage can result in damage to your eyes, even if you wear them for just one night. Potential consequences include: 

  • eye infections
  • ulcers on your corneas
  • scraped corneas (corneal abrasions)
  • swelling and inflammation
  • allergic reactions.

These conditions can temporarily impair your vision and in some cases, such as with corneal ulcers, if left untreated they can lead to permanent vision loss — a high price to pay for one night of Halloween revelling. 

Buyer beware

Contact lenses, whether they are prescription lenses for everyday use or cosmetic lenses for Halloween, are considered medical devices under Canadian law. This means they require fitting by a medical professional, namely your local optometrist. 

Professional eye care

At Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, your optometrist in Trenton, Belleville and Brighton, Ontario, we can ensure your Halloween contact lenses are safe for your eyes. Here’s how: 

  1. We’ll check your prescription with a comprehensive contact lens exam. Even if you think you have perfect vision, it’s worth checking as we can spot subtle changes in your vision that you may have missed.
  2. We’ll suggest trusted contact lens brands to choose from for your Halloween look so that you can be assured of the quality of your contacts.
  3. We’ll provide you with all the advice you need to look after and use your contact lenses. For starters, it’s important that you: 
    • always wash your hands before you remove or put in your contacts
    • never share your contacts with anyone else
    • never use your contact lenses past their designated lifetime 
    • clean your contacts and store them in contact lens solution if you plan on using them more than once.

Enjoy this Halloween and enjoy good eye health with contact lens care at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates. Book your contact lens exam today and avoid giving yourself a scare on Halloween!