The Relax Lens for Glasses – The Millennial Solution for Digital Eye Strain

How much time do you spend in front of a digital screen? Spending more than 2 hours on your computer, tablet or phone is all it takes to experience digital eye strain. Thankfully, as our lifestyle habits have changed with the rise of digital technology, so has eyewear. The latest innovation here at Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates is our Relax lens for glasses, which is specially designed to provide you with relief from digital eye strain.

Before we get into how these cutting-edge lenses work, how do you know if you need digital eye strain glasses?

Signs of Digital Eye Strain

Common symptoms of digital eye strain include:

  • neck, shoulder and/or backache
  • sore, tired, red, or watery eyes
  • headaches after screen time, or engaging in any other near-vision work
  • increased sensitivity to light

In children, these symptoms can often result in a reluctance to read and can impact their learning. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you could benefit from digital eye strain glasses, also known as anti fatigue glasses.

What is the Relax Lens and How can it Help?

The Relax lens can help both children and young adults who experience digital eye strain. It is a progressive lens, which means the lens can help with near and far vision. However, unlike traditional progressive lenses for older adults with varifocal prescriptions, the Relax lens doesn’t take much getting used to and you won’t have to deal with issues like distorted vision as your vision adjusts from near to far sight.  

The Relax lens is divided into 2 zones – the upper part is dedicated to mid-range and distance vision, and the bottom portion is for near vision, such as reading or using a laptop or smartphone. The near-vision zone has an extra power added, which means your eye muscles do not need to work as hard to ensure you have clear vision.

Is the Relax Lens Right for You?

As the Relax lens is designed for clear vision at all distances, there is no need to swap out your regular eye glasses for special reading glasses that blur distance vision. This makes it much more likely that children will wear their anti fatigue glasses and as a bonus are less likely to damage or lose them from constantly taking them on and off. This convenience is just as helpful for adults, including our very own optometrist, Dr. Maria Coward, who uses them at work to reduce eye strain and headaches.

For children who may be struggling with reading, we also recommend a blue blocker coating with the Relax lens. This filters out harmful blue light which is associated with digital eye strain and difficulty sleeping after excessive exposure. The blue blocker also reduces glare from digital screens to improve contrast and visual clarity.

If you’d like to find out more about our Relax lens for yourself or for your child before they return to school, please get in touch with our experienced team of Optometrists at any of our 3 offices in Trenton, Brighton or Belleville.