Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment with our Optometrists in Belleville, Trenton, and Brighton

Having dry eyes on occasion is fairly common, but when you have dryness and other symptoms frequently, you can experience significant discomfort. At Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates, we offer dry eye treatment for patients in Belleville, Trenton, and Brighton. 

Dry Eye Symptoms 

Feeling a dry sensation in your eyes is one of the most common signs of dry eye, but you might also have other symptoms. These include redness, irritation, burning or a feeling of grit in your eye. You might even have eyes that are more watery than usual with dry eye syndrome due to a problem with your tears. Keep in mind that dry eye symptoms can cause severe inflammation in your eyes when you go without treatment.  

Dry Eye Causes 

When you have dry eye symptoms, this can happen when your naturally produced tears dry up or evaporate too quickly. This leaves your eyes with too much dryness rather than a healthy amount of hydration. You can also develop dry eye problems when you have tears that are poor in quality. These tears might not provide your eyes with enough moisture to prevent dryness. 

Treatment for Dry Eye from Dr. Bruce Coward & Associates

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms, making an optometry appointment with our eye doctor can help. Our optometrist can determine the cause of your symptoms and recommend treatment. This might include using medicated or over-the-counter drops that keep your eyes moist or having plugs put into your tear drainage ducts, which helps keep the moisture from tears in your eyes longer.

If you wear contact lenses, our optometrist in Belleville, Trenton or Brighton can recommend the right type to wear when you have dry eye symptoms. This allows you to wear contacts for improved vision without experiencing discomfort. 

Visit Our Bellville, Trenton, or Brighton Eye Doctors for Dry Eye Treatment

If you have dry eye symptoms, contact our eye doctors in Trenton, Belleville, or Brighton to set up an appointment today. We can provide you with relief from these symptoms and help prevent dryness.