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Pink Eye

Pink Eye Treatment From Your Brighton, Trenton, and Belleville Optometrist

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is a common eye disease that is easily spread. It's most common in children although anyone can get it. It is spread easily through touch and even picking up an object that has been touched by a person with pink eye. Door knobs, faucets etc., are all ways the disease can be spread, as well as physical contact such as shaking hands.

Pink Eye

Because it is so contagious, pink eye can spread quickly through a classroom or workplace. As with other illness, hand washing is so important to halt the spread of this annoying and uncomfortable condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis symptoms include eye redness, itchiness and discharge. Your eyes may become swollen and painful, and develop a crust around the lids, especially after you've been sleeping. While the symptoms are a bit alarming, rest assured that this condition is common and temporary. The best course of action is to keep it from spreading and treat it correctly.

Because the disease is so contagious, infected persons should stay home from work and school. Hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of pink eye.

A visit to your optometrist will help you determine whether you have bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. It's important to find out because it will make a difference in the treatment. Your doctor will conduct exams to find out

How Can Conjunctivitis Be Treated?

The treatment depends on the cause. Bacterial conjunctivitis is treated with antibiotics. These should be taken as directed and will go to work fast on your symptoms. You should start to see improvement after 24 hours. Viral pink eye will not respond to antibiotics, so they should not be taken.

For relief from symptoms, cool compresses can be applied throughout the day to help with swelling, itching and discharge. It's vital that clean washcloths be used each time, and that any material that is used be washed immediately. Fresh towels and pillowcases should be used daily and hands should be washed frequently.

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